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Strike! Fun-Bowling at the Landhus

Our bowling facility has 6 alleys and is equipped with the most up-to-date technology. Enjoy a game with your colleagues, family members and friends.

What about a game with an aperitif and then an evening meal in our restaurant? You can of course also have your meal during the bowling session. The entire restaurant menu is available.

We would also gladly organize your company fete to the sound of bowling small talk!

Our bowling prices:

Monday - Sunday (whole day): Sfr. 30.00/hour/alley
Bowling shoes (compulsory): Sfr. 3.00/person (charge) 


Rules of the game

Fun Bowling involves 10 pins. "Frame" denotes the current round of the 10 rounds in all. A "strike" means that a player has knocked down all the pins with his first throw. A "spare" is the name for a frame in which the player has knocked down all the remaining pins with his second throw.

How to play: a player has two attempts in each frame except when he scores a "strike". There are 10 frames in a round.

Scoring: the player gets points for each frame - points which are added to the ones already obtained. For instance: the player knocks over 1 pin followed by a further 4: thus in this frame he scores 5 points. Both a strike and a spare each count as 10 points. 


Book a bowling evening!

Are you up for some bowling fun? Just reserve a lane or two for you and your friends

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