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Table cheminée



Event catering - Cooking like Ratatouille!

Daily from 6 PM
Sfr.41.00/person - One table cheminée will be free for every 8 guests!

Starter: Garden-fresh salad
À discrétion: Do-it-yourself grill-spit (Ostrich, beef, horse, prawns, turkey or lamb)
Side: French fries
Sauces: Garlic butter, Currysauce, Cocktailsauce


The Landhus is now serving juicy Chateaubriand with a selection of fresh vegetables, hash brown croquettes and sauce Béarnaise.

Sfr. 43.50/person
From 2 persons

The word salad comes from the french salade of the same meaning, from the latin salata (salty), italian insalata. The term salad is commonly mistaken as the term for prepared lettuce.

Take a look of our delicious salads
: Landhus-Salad 2012.pdf